We specialize in Douglas-Fir, Western Red Cedar and Hemlock, fine grain, in both quarter sawn and flat sawn clears. We can supply custom sizes as small as 1x2 and as large as 12x12 and wider. We also manufacture WRC cedar pattern stock for the hot tub and sauna industries. If you would like more information on our products, please contact us

Kiln-Dried Douglas Fir Timbers

douglas fir timbers

Pound for pound Douglas Fir is one of the strongest woods in the world. It is an ideal choice for aesthetically and structurally demanding applications.



Hemlock lumber is light and bright in color. Wood-Savy architects often choose hemlock for trim, fascia, paneling, moulding and millwork as well for exposed wood ceilings. Hemlock boasts remarkable versatility and usefulness.

Douglas Fir Clears


Few woods in the world match the magnificence of Douglas-Fir. Douglas-Fir’s light pleasing color is set off by its remarkably straight and handsome grain pattern. Moisture content levels are carefully controlled to ensure our Douglas-Fir meets the strict dimensional stability requirements of finish carpenters, furniture manufacturers, door manufacturers and cabinet makers.

Western Red Cedar

western red cedar

Western Red Cedar is naturally durable and light in weight. It is used for house siding and interior paneling as well as outdoor furniture, decking and fencing. Because of its resistance to decay and insect damage it is ideal for these applications.

Yellow Cedar

yellow cedar

Due to its slow growth, yellow cedar is hard and like other cypress woods it is durable and resistant to weather, insects and contact with soil.



Sometimes referred to as ‘Iron Wood’ IPE is very resistant to attack by decay, fungi and termites. Because of this it is an ideal choice for decking and other outdoor applications. IPE is typically reddish brown, sometimes with a greenish tinge often with lighter or darker striping.